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Hey! You're here to know more about me and my owner?

Who am I? I am SMG3! Aka Super Mario Glitchy 3, Super Meme Generator 3! Creator of SMG3 Snitch Productions and even the greatest villain of all time!

SMG3 started uploading videos on YouTube on august of 2020. Why did SMG3 create this channel? To beat a reuploader who was reusing and claiming someone big Youtuber's work! Fun fact: I BEAT HIM!!!

What are my goals now? Welp, as you can imagine... I AM BETTER THAN SMG4 and his WHOLE CREW (almost)! My goals are easy as simple! I need to beat SMG4 in every way! I am the best villain ever! No one could even dethrone me!

Who made this website? It's made by me! ©FSM! I did the whole code of this website. No need to use Wix, WordPress or any kind of UI/UX tools to make this website!

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